Friday, February 26, 2016

The L❁❤E of Wan Chai is back

This shop used to be round the corner on Spring garden lane famous for its $16 bowl of wonton noodles.
It closed down a while ago and now they are back at Cross Lane.

I was surprised to see they were back and the prices are still the same and there is still that lovely prawn smell around the area which is how I discovered this shop.
The new place is better and spacious and I hope it keeps that way because it is very clean at the moment.
One of the ladies there had excellent linguistic skills, she could speak English, Philipino and Cantonese.
Prices are still $16 for noodles and a topping.

Sauces at the table: soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce and chili oil.

I got the flat rice noodles with wontons and the wontons are still springy and fresh.

The white fishballs were ok but I just wanted the noodles because I was craving for that weird alkaline taste.

After having the noodles, the COKE is recommended because it helps neutralize the Alkaline in the mouth and bottled coke always tastes better.

Kuen Kee Won Ton Noodle
10 Cross Lane, Wanchai

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