Tuesday, March 01, 2016

My first Ukrainian meal

I have always wanted to try Russian/Ukrainian food but there are not many in Hong Kong.

The only one I knew was Ivan da Kozak that has been in HK for years.
I have attempted to dine at Ivans but the menu is too complicated if you have menu dyslexia.

Noticed Dacha, a few weeks ago because of the lovely mysterious European decor, which couldn’t be seen clearly because of the window veils that made you even more curious.

They finally opened but they don’t have the full menu yet because it is under soft opening.
At the moment, they are serving lunch sets all day so I was really lucky because anything is new to me and I don't work in Central.

The lunch set costs $98 with 10% for a Borsch and Pierogi.

The soup was beetroot borsch that was loaded with cabbages and carrots with a refreshing taste.
I suppose it does taste like the Russian inspired Chinese Borscht but without the meat and sweetness.
You get a small bun with the soup that is topped with extremely tasty crushed garlic that is quite salty and flavours the bun.
Siberian pelmeni:
(Traditional Russian handmade dumplings in light butter herb)
The dumplings tasted exactly the same as “Chinese war teeps” but better because they were neat looking like round tortellinis and not so oily served with sour cream.
Pierogi with cabbage:
(braised cabbage dumplings with mushrooms)
The cabbage dumplings were more flavourful than I expected because they tasted like sauerkraut dumplings.
Perogi with potato and onions:
These were basically dumplings filled with silky mash potatoes but lacked cheese according to my friend who went to Russia.
Apple pie:

The apple pie (bread) was a bit disappointing because the texture was like hard and dry Chinese bread with a yolk glazed top but the locals should love it.
Honey cake:

The honey cake was interesting because it was not too sweet and it was like a combination of a serradura dessert and a soft cake.
There will be a dinner menu soon so I will be back to try things that I haven’t tried before.

38-40 Hollywood Road

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