Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Delicious crispy beancurd prawn rolls at 蒸飯館

Discovered this place because I was having a drink at Vuong's French Sandwich in West Hong Kong.
The name of this place intrigued me because they seem to specialize in steamed rice so I asked them what type of steamed rice it was and they said it was steamed rice in a ceramic pot and not the metal bowls.

Anyway, went to West Hong Kong again just to try this place out.

I only ordered a few dishes to test the waters.

Ordered the steamed rice to see if it was really that good.
To be fair, it was good but the rice was to soft and not as good as this secret place in Hong Kong.
The chicken feet tasted strange.
Ricerolls were better than most restaurants in Hong Kong but not as good as the one in Prince Edwards.

The crispy prawn beancurd rolls were amazing that I ordered them twice and they only cost $18 per portion.

First round:

Second round:

Shop L, G/F, Chong Yip Centre Block C, 425 Queen's Road West, Western District

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