Tuesday, October 17, 2017

[Veggi Monster] Veggie burger paradise in Sheung Wan

I love modern vegetarian joints so naturally I was captivated by the burgers at Veggi Monster.
When I got there, I discovered that I had already tried the owners' two other Chinese style vegetarian restaurant in Kwuntong and Mongkok.

Most vegetarian joints just offer 1-2 burgers but here you have four to choose from as well as wraps and salads so decisions are tough!!!

As it was tough, I ended up coming here twice and here was what I had.
I loved the huge burger boxes!!

Burger in Black:
A burger is not complete without cheese and there they use non diary cheese which tastes just as good and melts like real cheese.
The patty which is made of organic black beans tasted like thick and firm mashed Mexican refried beans with a touch of Chinese black beans and the black olives give it more flavour.

Tofu Lover:
The tofu burger was more on the classic side because it had the normal burger sauces like ketchup and mustard but it was still tasty with beetroot and red lettuce.

Avocado and Cashew wrap:
The wrap is a lighter option compared to the burgers, again there are three to choose from.
I had the avocado because there was an interesting combination of seaweed, pickled cucumber and cashew which gave it a complex taste.

Pot of Nature:
I was really glad the boss recommended this to me because it was a whole bowl of peach tree gum flavoured by sweet olive.
It was like eating luxurious golden birds nest which is good for the skin.

Located in Sheungwan, they offer a good selection of healthy drinks like taboocha, pressed juices and other items.
As I have never tried Kombucha before I went for the beetroot taboocha which is made with Kombucha.
It was very fizzy and not too sweet.
I also recommend the mangosteen juice as well because you don't often see this drink in Hong Kong.
At the moment, they are doing a buy one get one free promotion for the burger in black until the 27th October.

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