Sunday, October 01, 2017

Skye 1st anniversary set lunch

As a fan of Gary Rhodes, I went to SKYE for lunch to try the 1st anniversary set lunch inspired by Gary Rhodes.
As it was a clear day, there were beautiful views from the window.

Started with bread which was served with butter, salt and pink peppercorns.
It was such a treat with pink peppercorns because they have a lovely aroma that doesn't have a strong spicy kick to it.

It was followed by white tomato soup which tasted like tomato consomme mixed with milk.

Autumn foie gras:
This was silky smooth foie gras with tart berries and I loved the way the caramelized brittle gave it a touch of sweetness enhancing the flavour.

Moving on to the truffled mac and cheese which was cheesy yet balanced by the spinach leaves and earthy mushrooms.

The lamb loin was tender and juicy drizzled with appetizing gravy.
Since the pink peppercorns were still on the table, I put some on the lamb and it tasted fab.

Finished with the bread and butter pudding which is the best I have ever tasted because there was a strong vanilla taste and the top had a crisp caramelized sugar crunch to it just how Gary demonstrated in his video on how to make bread and butter pudding.

310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay.

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