Wednesday, January 24, 2018

[Flamingo Bloom] Zero Caffeine series and light bites

Flamingo Bloom are launching drinks faster than I can keep up!

This time they have launched the #NAKEDZERO series which are #ZEROSUGAR #ZERO CAFFEINE and #ZEROPRESERVATIVES whilst being dairy and lactose free because it contains Almond milk.

These drinks really appealed to me because of the almond milk.

There are three flavours: P!NK, GOLD and V!OLET.

The NAKED ZERO series are blended with Mongolian grapes and made to order. You can see how much grapes there are blended.

As always, their drinks impress.
I wasn't sure how it was going to taste but it tasted like yoghurt because of the grapes and because it was freshly made it is well blended and no vitamins are lost.

As well as the #NAKEDZERO series, there is a hot series for winter.
Decisions arre tough because they have this new apple and cinnamon and the caramel cinnamon hot milk a well as smashed pears!

The smashed apple and cinnamon which is the best in my opinion because it tastes like my favourite apple pie with hints of jasmine.
Next time I will request for some Salted milk cap so I can imagine drinking apple pie with cream!

For light bites, they have four new toast items!!
They had hot dog briefly which I wasn't quick enough to try but to be honest toasts are healthier and better.

There are four different toasts but avocado is my favourite so I had that.

The whole thing just tasted in harmony because you could taste the lovely salted butter on the toast whilst having bites of soft creamy avocado and juicy cherries tomatoes enhanced by the black pepper.
The avocado pieces were just right which was really good because at other places I have been served crisp, hard avocado which is not ripe to eat.

[Flamingo Bloom]

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