Friday, January 05, 2018

[McDonalds Hong Kong] 2018 All day breakfast on New Years day

A few years ago McDonalds launched all day breakfast only on new years day and since then they have been serving it every year.

This year, they decided to promote the hotcakes with a choice of four sauces.
Three were not available before such as strawberry, fudge and Skippy's peanut butter.
Clearly the strawberry and fudge sauce are the sauces used for the sundaes.
Also served all day on New Years day was the soy milk which is another breakfast item.

I got the hotcakes deluxe, extra McSausage muffin, Bacon loaded fries, apple pie and the soy milk because I always like having fun mixing the things around.

The pancakes were hot, soft and fluffy and they tasted even better when I put the filling from the apple pie onto the pancakes.

Some of the chocolate sauce was put into my soymilk making it into chocolate soymilk, while I played with the remaining sauce on the hotcakes.

For the Sausage McMuffin, I put the guacamole from the loaded fries and it went really well together.

To summarize, I had a fun New Years day!

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