Monday, August 05, 2019

[Review] Crispin's Fish Bar in Sittingbourne

I love chips so if there are any chips shops in sight, I will probably go and get some!
It wasn't particularly warming when I went in but chips could be good so ordered a small chips anyway.

The chips were in the heated cabinet so they were ready in an instant and not freshly fried.

Unfortunately, they didn't look good before I even tried.
You could see they were dry and not that evenly white.
I knew that adding vinegar and salt would not help because when chips are dry.

The chips lacked potato taste so I suspect they have been cut and stored for a while before they were fried or the fact that they have been fried for quite a while and left in the cabinet which caused them to dry off and go tasteless.

As I couldn't finish them, I ended up throwing them in the bin near the shop but it appears that someone also threw some half eaten chips in the bin.
It looks like that the person was full or they didn't like it.
Judging by the chips in the bin (pic below), they were burnt and worse than what I had.

Lesson learnt, next time I will probably have a quick look in the bins nearby and see if chips are thrown away as an indicator to quality.

Crispin's Fish Bar
69 London Rd, Teynham, Sittingbourne ME9 9QL
Phone: 01795 521212

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