Monday, September 26, 2016

Dinner at Lai Heen, the highest restaurant in Macau

Went to Lai Heen for dinner which is on the 51st floor of The Ritz Carlton, Macau and the highest restaurant in town.

Headed by Chef Bill Fu who previously served at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s Tin Lung Heen which achieved two-star Michelin.
Lai Heen is also recommended in The Michelin Guide HK Macau 2016.

For starters, we had conchiglie pasta served in a beautiful white splash bowl.
A great way to get our appetites ready for dinner.
Then we had Chilled bean curd with okra in sesame sauce, barbequed Iberico pork in honey sauce, marinated turnip with passionfruit juice.
It was a good balance from light tofu to a strong tasting juicy Iberico pork and the tangy turnip picked in an exotic passionfruit juice helped to refresh your palate.

It was then followed by a nourishing Double boiled piths soup with matake mushroom.

Next was the shrimp flambe which was live shrimps immersed in Chinese rose wine before it was set alight resulting in fragrant springy shrimps infused with a strong wine taste.

It was followed by Simmered garoupa filet with zucchini topped with minced carrot.
A colourful and light dish which is great on a hot day.

Before we were served the rice, we had the Simmered winter melon rolls stuffed with konjac in tomato consommé.
I absolutely adored this because the Konjac was soaked in tomato consomme which was really moreish and it had this prized Bird's nest texture which was amazing.

Finished with the Fried rice with shredded silky fowl, birch seed in Chinese yellow wine.
Each grain of rice was distinct and evenly flavoured with Chinese yellow wine with fine pieces of silky fowl and vegetables.

Dinner ended with a delectable dessert platter with my favourite crispy creamy taro roll that does not contain colourings and this cutest glutinous rice roll that I have ever had.

It was then followed by hot freshly brewed Chinese tea which helps digestion.

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