Monday, September 26, 2016

Staying at the 5 Star Galaxy hotel in Macau

I have always wanted to stay at the 5 Star Galaxy hotel in Macau because I just love this resort especially the floating diamond at the entrance and the Grand Resort Deck which guests of Galaxy Hotel can access.
My hotel room access card was really pretty because it was in my favourite silver colour.

The room was impressive and big with a view of the Skytop Wave Pool.

There is a bath tub which is a must for me.

By the bath, there is a tray of accessories which is beautifully presented like a jigsaw containing a sewing kit, razor and shaving cream, toothbrush and toothpaste x 2, shower cap, cotton buds, cotton pads, emery board and a comb.

In the cupboard are slippers and bathrobes.

The hairdryer is a decent powerful one by Vidal Sassoon.

There is shoe polish but they also have a complimentary shoe polishing service as well which takes an hour.

By the bed, there was an alarm clock which was really useful for people like me!

The complimentary refreshments was quite good because they had cup noodles, Pringles, teas and coffees.

Here are pictures of the Grand resort deck which I am definitely coming back again for because it was too hot that day.

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