Monday, September 26, 2016

Gourmandise afternoon tea at Ritz-Carlton cafe

I was recommended this place by famous blogger siuyeadragon. He recommended the chocolate afternoon tea which I had to try because it was coming from someone who is not keen on chocolate.

Ritz-Carlton cafe is a lovely French Brasserie with black and white decor with beautiful chandeliers.

We ordered the Gourmandise afternoon tea designed by guest Pastry Chef Bertrand Ducauroy and Chef Raphaël Kinimo which comes with hot chocolate topped with French whipped cream and shaved chocolate.
(Available from now until the end of the year.)

Started with the hot chocolate which was served in this elegant cup with thick whipped cream on top and shaved chocolate.
The hot chocolate was extremely rich with a strong cocoa taste and a slight bitterness which was complemented nicely by the silky whipped cream.

Then came the beautiful tea set which was served in a lovely tin.
There was a good balance of savouries and sweets.

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