Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Kee Wah Bakery's 2017 new mooncakes

Kee Wah Bakery is a chain of bakery stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States, founded in Hong Kong in 1938 by Wong Yip Wing (1911–1999), they are well known in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities for their traditional Chinese pastries and delicacies.

It is also famous in the UK because stores in Chinatown would import some and people from HK would send them over. However, in the recent years people have been getting fed up with traditional mooncakes due to health reasons and family sizes are as not big as before.

The traditional sized mooncakes would last you for days because they are quite sickly and during the mooncake season, there are so much mooncakes about that when you share it with people, the chances are that they have already had some.

Before the festival, many bakeries start selling mooncakes which attracts people to buy new and specials flavours for themselves, then nearer the festival, people will start buying mooncakes for others.

Anyway, there are so many varieties at Kee Wah, ranging from traditional to modern ones that there is a mooncake for everyone.
Thank you Kee Wah Bakery for all these mooncakes.

This year they have a mix of East and the West with modern mooncakes such as Cheese custard mooncake, HK tea custard and Coffee egg custard mooncakes!!
The crossover with Ocean Park this year is a really good design because the box turns into a functioning LED lantern that is safe and fun for kids.
mini white lotus with yolk:
This was smooth sweet lotus paste with savoury egg yolk and sweet pastry.
mini red beans and egg yolk:
The taste of red beans and egg yolk was interesting.

Inside the cute panda tin was chocolate custard mooncakes and egg custard moocakes.

Mini chocolate custard mooncakes:
The chocolate and custard was really nice with a strong chocolate taste and hints of custard.
Mini egg custard mooncakes:
The custard was good because it was rich but not too sweet.
Nothing beats Tea mooncakes such as Earl Grey egg custard mooncake and Jasmine egg custard mooncakes because I love Earl grey tea!!!!


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