Thursday, September 07, 2017

Snap up some crocodile soup at 鍋居火鍋專門店

The broths and ingredients always surprise me at 鍋居火鍋專門店.
The first time I came here, we had the sweetest young coconut water broth, on the second visit I had some really good crispy chicken wings.
On this third visit, I tried the crocodile maca broth which has crocodile meat, sea coconuts in it as well as nourishing MACA mushrooms.

As I like trying new things, I tried the crocodile meat which is like tough chewy chicken but nice.

For seafood, we had Scottish razor clams and huge clams which I thought were going to be chewy.
It is really good that their staff did the clams for us because they were perfectly springy and sweet and they know how long it should take.

Good beef and meatballs are a must with any hotpots which are all available here!!
Last but not least, I loved the Kuruma prawn sashimi.
The prawn meat was sweet and succulent that it didn't need the soy sauce or wasabi.

Other delicious broth bases if you are not as adventurous as me!!

++Golden Canadian crab broth++:
Very appetizing and sweet because of the pumpkin, tomatoes and fresh clams.

++Forever young hotpot++:
Loaded with lots of anti aging and anti oxidant fungas, while the other ingredients help to nourish your brain and lower blood sugars!!


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