Sunday, September 24, 2017

A decent bowl of Taiwanese Beef noodles

There are lots of Taiwanese beef noodles in Hong Kong but not many taste good.
To me a good bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles is a combination of a strong beef broth, pickles, beef and most importantly the noodles.
Tristar is opened by a local celeb and here Taiwanese husband so you might catch other celebs dining here.

Anyway, I tried two noodles, the beef noodles and the noodles in spicy sauce.

The beef noodles were satisfying because the broth was strong and the beef was tasty. The broth was slightly spicy which made it more appetizing.

The tossed noodles were good because each strand was evenly flavoured by the spicy sauce.

Finished with the chocolate drink with extra herbal jelly which had a lovely thick milk foam cap to it.

I didn't try the pearls but they seem worth trying because the size is relatively smaller than the other ones in HK.

Tristar Kitchen:

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