Saturday, September 16, 2017

[Rolling in Congee] My dream congee

Many people have mixed reactions on this new congee joint ROLLING IN CONGEE because they serve modern congee but I was really excited on giving it a visit.

Went one afternoon and it was closed so went back another day.

From the Chinese name I was expecting the congee to be expensive but the most expensive one costs $29.

I liked the way it stood out because the menu obviously had design to it with a purple theme matched by their aprons.
Their congee also appealed to me because they had really nice English names to match it like Taurus, Bronze Age, Ruby Rose, Magenta romance etc.

As well as savory congee they had sweet congee which really makes sense because in UK we have RICE PUDDING which is similar to congee but thicker and sweet with milk, so the sweet congee is a great option for people who are allergic to milk
The next thing I loved were the pots and utensils she used because it was colourful and modern with an advantage because these pots are the non stick type!!

For each congee, all the ingredients are in small tubs, so no matter who is running the joint, the congee should taste consistent because the portions are the same.

Moving on to the congee, I really liked the current choices and the creativity such as Taurus which has beef and onions and the pairing of these two never fail.
There was also chowder congee which is obviously seafood!
With all these choices, it was really hard for me to decide so I ended up getting the Bronze age, Silky Milky (plain congee with extra salted egg yolk and fermented beancurd), Magenta romance and Matcha congee.
The best thing was that you could order salty egg yolk and fermented beancurd to go with the congee because I just love them so I got that with the plain congee.

All their congees are made with Australian pearl rice which gives its a silky viscous thick consistency that doesn't go runny after a while.
I believe they will come up with some more exciting creations soon because you can do so much with congee like adding oats, quinoa and using different rices.
Once, I even dreamed of breakfast congee made with bacon, sausage and egg!!!
Anyhow, I prefer consuming congee at room temperature or slightly hotter because there is no point to scald your tongue and not being able to taste anything for days.
Perhaps, I come from a country that is cooler compared to Hong Kong so I can't eat, touch or taste things that are really hot.

Moving on to the congee that I got, here is what I thought:

Normally you get that weird shaped plastic spoon which usually cuts my mouth but the spoon they give you is really ergonomic and actually holds a good spoonful of congee which is worth mentioning because the whole congee experience is improved.
Bronze Age:

To start I had the savory first which had Hokkaido dried scallops, mini dried scallops, salty egg, century eggs, fish cubes and pork pieces.
The congee was tasty as expected because you could really taste the scallops and everything as the salty egg gives it flavour as well as the pork which was fresh and meaty.
Silky milky with extra salty egg yolk and fermented beancurd:

The silky milky was plain congee which was viscous with a lovely translucent colour to it.
Tried adding both separately and it really is acquired taste for the fermented beancurd but I thought it was delicious because it has a quirky saltiness with a hint of Chinese wine.
Magenta romance:

This is a sweet congee which is similar to rice pudding but without the milk with sweet potato and purple sweet potato.
It was nice and colourful with a lovely purple colour.
Tried it hot and couldn't really taste anything so I took it home and put it in the fridge which made it much nicer because you could taste the ginger when it was cooler.
I have no complaints on this and loved it.

The matcha congee which is served in the afternoon contains dumplings and red bean paste.

Again, I couldn't eat it hot so tried it at room temperature and after refrigerating it.
The consistency of this is thick and viscous which made it taste like a perfect rice drink with a hint of matcha, just the thing for breakfast which is filling an quick.
Rice drinks could be the thing because in Mexico, they have horchata and in Venezuela they have Chichi.
Tried both and they were so divine and filling.
Also the Chinese have a similar concept called rice water, a health drink that is now popular served by checkcheckcin.
To summarize, I will be back soon and hopefully they will have some new congees.
The sweet congees should definitely be eaten at room temperature or chilled and it was really good that they were not too sweet!~!
Rolling in Congee:
Shop 1, G/F, Tung Keung Building, 54-60 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan

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