Thursday, March 10, 2016

[Batman v Superman] x Festival Walk

Obviously I am a fan of Superman so went to Festival Walk because there is a [Batman v Superman] x Festival Walk crossover.

On one of the floors they have displays and a figure pop up store.

There is a game area where I played this interesting asteroid game, which you exterminate asteroids by just staring at them.

It felt pretty weird even though I knew the eye sensors detected where I was staring at.
[You can get play this for free when you spend over $300, see Festival Walk Facebook for more details]

Adjacent to the cinema, they have a pop up booth selling macarons, chocolates, cookies and cupcakes.
I really liked the macarons and chocolates because they were colourful.

As a foodie, I got my hands on a jar of cookies, macarons and chocolates.
The macarons were great and not too sweet, my favourite flavour was Parmesan which had a nice savory filling.

At the Daily Planet store, they have wristwatches, Cosbaby plushes and other goods.
There is a cute batmobile case for kids.
For more information:
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