Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pulled chicken burger by Gabriel Choy - McDonald's

Tried the new Pulled chicken burger, which is dubbed as American pulled chicken burger in Chinese.

Pulled chicken or pulled pork is actually Southern American cuisine, which is served with coleslaw and smoky bbq sauce or chipotle sauce.

It is interesting that Gabriel Choy has used Tandoori sauce which is not American and the fried onion rings which reminds me of Indian food with onion bharjis.

Anyway, the product shot shows one huge onion ring but there are two in the burgers.

The onion rings and slice of cheese were not really needed because the pulled chicken and cabbage slaw were tasty without them.
The chicken was soft and tender and the taste was similar to Coronation chicken which is creamy and sweet unlike Tandoori.

I also paid extra for the thick cut fries which were disappointing because I ate them there and the fries have only traveled a few metres from the counter and they were cold and soft like they have been in a bag and taken home.

McDonald's Pulled pork burger by Gabriel Choy:

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