Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Exclusive dishes YUM CHA, Langham Place

I rarely go to the Langham mall because it is just escalators and escalators.
Luckily, Yum Cha is on the fourth floor so there are only two escalators that you need to get if you are coming from Portland road. Otherwise it is about 6 escalators if you come from the Langham MTR exit.
Thankfully you don't have to take those doomed escalators but then again this is why I refuse to dine in commercial buildings because if there is a fire, you are dead and the staircases are probably clotted with stuff that you can't escape.

At this branch, there are four exclusive dishes!~
Spicy diced chicken in Sichuan style.
Spicy Sichuan minced pork buns
Spicy beef, noodles in spicy soup
Beggar's chicken

Spicy diced chicken in Sichuan style:

This was quite nice but a bit too salty.
Spicy Sichuan minced pork buns:

These cute pink buns are filled with delicious juicy spicy minced pork in the middle.
They definitely tasted good.
Spicy beef, noodles in spicy soup:

This was too spicy for me.
Beggar's chicken:

This is a modern version with truffle gravy and I love the way it is wrapped in lotus leaf keeping it moist while making it fragrant.
A brilliant Chinese style chicken if you are looking for a Western roast chicken comfort.

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