Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Kee Wah 2017 Zongzi

It is the time of year when shops are selling Zongzis to celebrate dragon boat festival.

Kee Wah have come up with a variety of creative dumplings and the Vegetarian one with Quinoa is my favourite this year because it is healthy and tasty.

Zongzis are eaten hot so all you have do is boil them for a bit and they are ready to eat.

Here were the ones I tried.
Quinoa Rice dumpling with Blaze mushroom:

As well as being light, it was delicious because it was crammed with nutritious chestnuts, black beans, red beans, rice rice and the pickled radish gave it a nice crunch and flavour.
Spanish Iberico Pork rice dumpling with supreme dried scallop:

Looking dark in colour the taste was not as strong as I expected with good balance of starchy bean filling to the meat and salted egg yolk.
Betty’s xo sauce rice dumpling with pork belly:

Glutinous rice, pork belly, xo sauce (garlic, shallot, chinese ham, dried shrimp, red pepper, dried scallop, dried shrimp).
This was my favourite because it was spicy which makes the sticky glutinous rice more appetizing.
Chinese ham and supreme dried scallop rice dumpling with two yolks:

The size of the zongzi was comparatively bigger than the other ones and it was like a Kinder surprise dumpling because it was loaded with surprises!

Ham and Egg yolk:

Whole chestnut:

Whole dried scallop:

The second egg yolk:

I loved the five spice powder and double egg yolks which gave the overall dumpling extra saltiness.
Red bean paste with mandarin peel zongzi:
I love the pairing of red bean paste and mandarin peel because the bitterness of the peel balances the sweetness of the red bean paste.

Video of the zongzis:


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