Friday, December 22, 2017

[Wanchai, Yat Tung Heen] Winter delights

Winter is the time for lamb pots and snake soup.
My first meal for these winter warming dishes were at Wanchai's Yat Tung Heen.

The location is near Wanchai star ferry so the restaurant is nice and quiet.

Started with the star of winter, the snake broth with fish maw that serves 4-5 for $1080.
It was thick and warming with silky fish maw.
I liked the taste of age peel and the crunch from the black fungus and ginger.
It is served with lemongrass, Chrysanthemum petals and crispy pieces which you can add according to your preference.

For carbs, we had the glutinous rice with Chinese preserved sausages, another classic dish.
It had a fragrant smokey taste.

The lamb pot which is always my favourite is complex in taste because it is cooked with a mix of fermented red beancurd and fermented beancurd.
The lamb was soft and tender while the beancurd sheet absorbed the delicious sauce.

The last dish was interesting as it was my first time trying eel cooked with dried duck leg, I never thought that these two could go together so well.
The air dried duck leg is similar to parma ham.
In the pot, there were juicy big chunks of sweet radish that has been infused in this delicious gravy.

For dessert, it was good as expected.
[See how springy the buns are]

The steamed custard buns were cute filled with silky egg custard filling and the sweetness was right.

The Layered Malaysian cake had a twist to it because it was layered with custard.

Again, both were fluffy and springy but then all their desserts and dimsums are top notch!

[Wanchai, Yat Tung Heen]:
2/F Great Eagle Centre,
Tel: 2878 1212

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