Monday, April 16, 2018

[Ebisoba Ichigen] has landed in Hong Kong

Ichigen is a famous ramen joint from Japan with its signature broth made with small shrimps.
There are 3 types of seasoning, miso, salt and soy sauce and 2 types of noodle to choose from.
The basic noodles come with a slice of roast pork, half an egg sprinkled with pretty pink crispies made of flour mixed with red ginger and prawn broth.
The broth was rich with unami as expected with a slight bitterness which hung to the noodles well.
Also had the BBQ pork rice which is exclusive in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the pork was tender and moist drizzled in this sweet and spicy sauce.

The prawn riceball is also a must order, rich in prawn flavours.

I felt that it tasted like firm lotus leaf wrapped rice infused with prawn flavours.

As a tea lover, I finished with oolong tea.
Expect long queues for the time being.

[Ebisoba Ichigen]
Shop B-F, G/F, Yan King Court,
119-121 Queen`s Road East, Wan Chai

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