Thursday, April 12, 2018

[Vuong's French Sandwich] Vegetarian series

This is probably the 6th visit to Vuong because their Vietnamese baguettes are really tasty.Usually I go to the HK branch but they have moved all their operations here.
Luckily they still serve my favourite double cheese baguette.
As well as meat, they serve quite a lot of vegetarian options like Vegetarian Vietnamese Baguette and Vegetarian noodles.

On this visit, I had the new vegetable salad which comes with a choice of two dressings: Vietnamese or Japanese.

The Japanese sauce on the right is suitable for vegetarians because it does not contain garlic. It is made with olives and vinegar.
The Vietnamese sauce on the left contains fish sauce which was given for my noodles.

I tried the noodles without any sauce. I found it palatable so if you really wanted to be health conscious, it tastes ok without but of course better with sauces. Personally, I liked their new Japanese sauce because it wasn't sweet and the vinegar is appetizing.

The vegetable salad was huge and nutritious with pine nuts and seasonal veggies like lettuce, cucumber, onions, pickled carrots, coriander and tomatoes.

Finished off with my favourite vegetarian baguette which was packed with delicious flavours as usual from the chilis and pickles.

The cheese baguette is another must order item as well, but unfortunately I was full so I finished off with the salty sprite which has a prominent salty lemon taste to it.


[Vuong's French Sandwich]
Shop B4, 1 Tak Hing Street, Jordan
Tel: 26583800

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