Friday, 4 September 2015

Shrek x Spicy beef burger at McDonalds

Tried the new items at McDonalds which is basically the Spicy beef burger from last year without the cheese.
Spicy burger 2014:

The sparkling green apple tea is basically the same drink as the one launched last september for the Batman justice league theme:

The onion and potato patties are new because I don't remember seeing them in HK before.
Spicy beef burger:

The beef burger was as good as last year with four thin slices of beef patties and the texture of the beef patty is soft like luncheon meat with a fiery taste.
Onion and potato pattie:

The patty was very oily and I couldn't taste any onions or the green herbs which you can visually see.
Sparkling green tea:

The sparkling green apple tea was not as good as the one launched last year because there was a strong sprite taste but the apple flavouring was nice.

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