Sunday, December 02, 2018

Christmas Menu at A.O.C Eat & Drink

A.O.C Eat & Drink is a cosy French bistro in Wanchai close to the MTR!!!

I have always wanted to try this place as it is well known in the French community and headed by Chef Stéphane from Brittany where he serves down to earth French food with a modern twist.

For Christmas, he has designed a Christmas dinner menu available from ​Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 December during dinner.
As with the regular menu, there is a wine sommelier to suggest some good wine pairings.
Here is the menu and for the price and portion I found it more than satisfactory.

Here are the actual dishes

3 Oysters with yuzu granita
The oysters served on ice were refreshing and the yuzu granita had a nice citrus tartness which made these oysters extremely moreish.
They were paired with a sharp wine which was definitely a good pairing to begin as it makes you ready for the next courses.

Crab Ravioli, mushroom, herring roe, scampi sauce.
I love ravioli and they are more tasty than they look visually and from the description.
The scampi sauce had a little bit of heat in it and the raviolis were loaded with crabmeat and other goodies because you can taste something citrusy going on as well as some herbs.
The herring roe made it look glamorous while giving a hint of saltiness.

Chicken Breast with foie gras, rice topped with Comté cheese and truffle sauce.
The main course was quite heavy but I loved the way you are served chicken in two ways, the bigger piece is white meat and the thing that looks like a big Brussel Sprout is actually diced chicken with some black pepper wrapped in cabbage leaf!
The rice beneath it was topped with evilicious melted Comté cheese and a rich creamy piece of foie gras.
I found it really comforting because it tasted like something I had when I was a kid served at my friends house.
To be honest, I was rather full after this but as a cheese lover I had to try the next cheese course.

Brillat-Savarin cheese with truffle (+$80)
The portion of cheese was very satisfying but unfortunately I couldn't finish it all.
It tasted thick and creamy infused with truffle.
A must try as it is made with triple cream.
I really regretted not asking if I could take the rest home as I just couldn't finish it.

Mandarin Tart, chestnut, meringue
Although I was full, I had to finish the dessert.
It was juicy mandarin slices topped with smooth and velvety chestnut puree complimented by the meringue pieces on the side.
The whole thing was just wonderful as everything was in harmony and the meringue pieces were crisp with a slight soft chew in the middle.

Price per person: HK$468
Available from ​Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 December for dinner

Definitely recommended for Christmas!

A.O.C Eat & Drink
15 McGregor Street, Wanchai
+852 2479 6833
Tues - Sun: 12noon - 2.30pm & 6pm - 11pm
Closed on Mondays

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