Monday, December 03, 2018

Mäckish sandwiches at Rye House

Went to the Nordic Innovation House opening a few days ago.After the opening, there was food served on the top floor by the Mäckish girls Olga and Kegen. I was gutted I didn't try the moose Mäckish but then I discovered they were doing a two day pop up at Rye House so I decided to go as I haven't been to Rye House either.

Rye House serves Nordic food but I only tried the sandwiches that day as it was only a two day event.
I will come back for the egg pie and other Nordic goodies.

They had drinks and sauces imported from Finland and Sweden.


Here were the open faced sandwiches that I had where I ate like there was no tomorrow as this was my first and last time trying it. 
- Skagen Mäckish (Left)-

Skagen is a Swedish treasure, a cream based on mayo and shrimps.  Freshened up with horseradish, dill & lemon zest.  Served on rye bread with salad topped with roe, red onion and lemon.
This was sensational as it was just like eating prawn and mayonnaise taken to the next level with red onions and dill.
The lemon gives it a refreshing balance so that the mayonnaise doesn't get too heavy.

- Renskavs Mäckish (right) -
“Renskav” is a classic Swedish beloved dish but this time with a twist.  The creamy reindeer meat is combined with sour lingonberries, parsley and pickled chanterelles.
It was definitely a festive Mäckish with red lingonberries, parsleys and pickled saukeraut to compliment the creamy reindeer meat!!!
It tasted like lean ostrich meat and there is no gaminess.
Sorry Santa, I ate your reindeers.
- Vegan Super Beautiful -
A colourful and sweet hummus combined with steamed mini asparagus and beetroot sprouts.  Topped with black and white sesame seeds.
Hummus never fails because I love cumin and pureed textures.

Can't wait to come back and try the stews and everything else.

Last but not least were the drinking straws!!
These are the stalks of Rye Grass that are natrual and hollow which allows you to sip your drinks.
It makes perfect sense to use these as horses are fed hay and straw!
[Rye House]
Shop G10, G/F, Bank Of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Admiralty
Tel: 39968950
Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 18:30
Sat: 09:00 - 14:00
Sun: Closed

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