Friday, December 11, 2015

Pick your cuisine of fancy at Mezza9 Macau

At Mezza 9, they have a good variety of cuisines which are cooked in different counters.
That night we had Portuguese cuisine headed by Chef Ricardo and sat on the corner with a lovely view of the pool.

The staffs were friendly and spoke really good English.

Here was what we had:
Portuguese platter:

We started with the Portuguese platter which was great for sharing.
There was Alavao cheese, Portuguese sausage, salad, ham and melon, bruschetta with salsa, crab cake and bacalhau.
My favourite was the strong tasting cheese, crab cakes and bacalhau.
Codfish, green pea cream, tomatoes, confit garlics:

This was my favourite because the codfish was firm and flaky with a nice saltiness paired with thick green pea cream.
Roasted baby chicken, tomatoes, bacon, oregano:

The roast chicken looks different and not the typical roast chicken because it is chopped up and surrounded in delicious vegetables and herbs sauce.
Pork neck, clams, bell pepper paste:

In the pot were chunky pieces of pork and clams.
The clams were sweet and springy.
Portuguese style pan fried USA beef sirloin, coffee sauce:

The beef sirloin was meaty which went well with the buttery coffee sauce that had a hint of bitterness.
Charcoal grilled sea bass, traditional portuguese butter sauce:

Compared to the bacalhau, the sea bass had a softer texture with a nice buttery taste.
Portuguese green soup:

The green pea soup was very creamy with a nice grassy bean taste which resembles a mix of snow peas and peas.
It is nice to come across a green pea soup that tastes quite different to the usual green pea soup.
Portuguese pork sausages, fried egg, french fries:

The pork sausages were a surprise because they are made from mashed potatoes with pieces of meat shaped into a big burger patty topped with a fried egg.
The chips were nice and crispy and the runny egg yolk was just perfect when it was mixed into the sausage.
I will have to come here again and try their other cuisines.

Mezza9 Macau
Estrada do Istmo e da Universidade de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Macau, 4 Andar (piso L03) do Hotel "Grand Hyatt Macau", COTAI ("City of Dreams"), Macau

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