Saturday, December 12, 2015

A taste of Beijing in Macau

I am not familiar with Macau so my friends chose this place and they booked the private room for our early Xmas gathering where there is a special menu for MOP8,888.

The restaurant was big and spacious with high ceilings.

We started with Beijing Kitchen Appetizer Platter which was presented really nicely on a tray.
There was tofu, scallops and jellyfish.
The tofu was my favourite because it gets mashed up with the spring onions to make it tasty.

Next we had the Double Boiled Abalone and Dried Seafood Soup which was a surprise because I have never seen such a big pot of soup for one person!

There were lots of goodies such as fish maw, big abalone and whelks in the soup.
Then came the Traditional Beijing Style Duck which was roasted in a wood fired oven:

I liked the way the duck was served because it was served on three plates, duck with skin, just duck and crispy duck skin on its own.
Next we had the fish and lamb.
The Steamed Garoupa fillets were steamed with Jinhua ham slices.
I really liked the deep fried salt and pepper lamb Gigot because the lamb was soft with crispy.

The Braised Sea Cucumber and Quail Eggs was an interesting combination but both are high in protein.
The sea cucumber was soft in delicious rich gravy.

The braised beancurd with minced pork, prawns, chili and Sichuan Peppercorn was a shocker!

My tolerance for spicy dishes has gone up but this was extremely spicy.
It was so spicy I could use the sauce as chili sauce!
Then we had the Beijing Kitchen Style Braised King Prawn which were big and springy.

The Sautéed bitter melon with salted egg yolk was really nice because I love crisp bittermelon and it had bits of salted egg yolk on it.

There was also a "Beijing Kitchen" Dim Sum Platter in the set which was really good because I got to try the vegetable dumplings.

The dumplings were amazingly tasty with just vegetables and egg.

There were cute roujiamas as well which tasted great with chili sauce.

For dessert we finished wit the Grand Dessert Platter.
You get four desserts and my favourite was the purple potato sago.

Seasonal Fresh Fruits.

We also tried this new molten black sesame cake with refreshing chili and lime icecream.

To be honest, I was quite full by the end but I hope to come back for more dumplings and try some other dishes.
Beijing Kitchen:
Address: Estrada do Istmo, Cotai Grand Hyatt andar 1 Macau, Macau
Phone:+853 8868 1930

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