Monday, December 14, 2015

Molecular Gastronomy bar

Discovered this place because I was having dinner nearby and found out that they do Molecular Gastronomy, which seemed interesting because it looked like a small bar.

There are two sessions in the evening so I had to book in advance the earlier session.
When I arrived, there were no seats at all hence the reason they are called Three Dice Kitchen Standing Molecular.

The cost is $200 per head, which you pay before you go in.
I felt that it was a pretty good deal for a six-course dinner as other places are charging over $1000.

While I was waiting for other people to arrive, they will give you this bottle with a magnet and it was really fun using the magnet on the metallic liquid inside.

It was an entertaining and educational Molecular Gastronomy experience because they don’t hide anything and explain every step.

The six course comes with a drink so I had the sweet butterfly pea tea which is blue and turns purple when you add lemon to it.

The cutlery that they give you is different from your usual fork, knife and spoon.

Started with the fizzy peeled cherry tomatoes, that were soaked in fizzy vinegar.
I really liked them and found them extremely appetizing with bursts of fizzyness.

Next we had the hami-melon molecular sphere on jamon Iberico.

Then we had this sour cream nitro dome filled with salmon and potato drizzled with dill oil.
The nitro dome was made in front of us by putting sour cream on to a ladle and filling it with salmon and potato and sealing it with sour cream and immersing it into liquid nitrogen.

The white dome tasted a bit like savory frozen meringue icecream with delicious pieces of salmon and potato inside.

We were then served these cute cups filled with cauliflower, lobster foamed topped with caviar.
The lobster foam had a really strong taste, which flavoured the cauliflower pieces that had a nice crunch to it.

Then we moved on to a warm course of smoked chicken, which had soft cotton like texture paired with fragrant herbs.

The last course was Chinese style potrice paella with Kobe beef cheek and garlic cream air.
I really liked it because of the rich abalone sauce and there were lots of chickpeas in the rice.
It tasted like a savoury dragon boat festival zhongzhi.

As a surprise, they gave us some Nitrogen soaked macarons which have interesting effects on you.
I won’t spoil the fun here but the molecular gastronomy specialist will demonstrate what happens when you eat it which looks quite scary but you won’t feel anything.

At the end, they gave out business cards, which were really cool, because it pops up into a DICE.
Shop 2, Haven Court, 136 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 23523314

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