Friday, December 11, 2015

Truly freshly steamed seafood

Insteading of starting winter with a hotpot, we decided to try this new restaurant called Steamy seafood cuisine, which is the latest trend where all food gets steamed.
It was my first time trying out steamed seafood.

The restaurant is big and spacious.

There is a chilled section that displays the seafood and other dishes.

Prices of the seafood are clearly displayed on the board.

There is a sauces and condiments bar for the seafood and they also have tubs of Apollo icecream.

The menu was really useful because it tells you how long to steam each type of seafood for.

At Steamy seafood cuisine, you steam one type of seafood at a time which is good because you can enjoy it freshly steamed and move on to the next seafood when your ready.

Beneath the steamer is a pot where they will place rice and meat so that by the time you finish all the seafood, you will end up with delicous congee infused with a mix of seafood flavours.

I really enjoyed the dinner because there was a good variety of seafood and I got to try a whole Alaskan crab and these huge oysters which I have not tried before.

Here was the seafood that we had:
Balmain bugs:
I couldn’t wait to eat this because there was roe on it and I don't often come across Balmain bugs let alone Balmain bug roe.

After it was cooked, the roe was vibrant orange.

Although the balmain bug tastes good, the roe stole the show because it is similar to prawn roe where it is crisp and filled with salty briny liquid.
The balmain bug tastes like tender sweet lobster but I would prefer it if they didn't put crushed garlic on it because I like eating seafood plain when it is fresh.
American Stone oysters:

These oysters were huge and remained the same size after they were steamed.

They tasted sweet and satisfying because of the size but one is probably enough per person.
Alaskan crab:

I have always wanted to try this and it was just fun to share a whole one!
It was so good that I want a whole one to myself next time.
The crab legs are big and the crabmeat comes out easily when you use chopsticks to push it out.
The crabmeat was just simply sweet with a strong taste of the sea!
I can't wait to come back for the oysters and crab.

Steamy seafood cuisine:
Tel: 2770 6883
31-37 Jordan Road.
2/F Pak Shing Building

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