Tuesday, December 08, 2015

McDonalds Hokkaido salmon burger in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s McDonald’s has followed the steps of Taiwan and Thailand by launching the Hokkaido Salmon burger.

Taiwan launched the salmon burger in 2014 while Thailand launched it earlier last month.
The difference is that Taiwan used dill sauce and Thailand uses spicy mentaiko sauce, which is slightly spicy, and Hong Kong’s McDonalds are now serving the Thailand version.

To be honest I think dill sauce would be better as dill is normally paired with fish and this other blogger says so because he has tried both.

Anyway, I was lucky there wasn’t much sauce because I prefer Dill sauce to spicy mentaiko sauce any day!
The salmon patty was coated in golden breadcrumbs and the texture of the salmon was flakey but not dry.
It was a nice burger but on the small side.

Although the sauce wasn’t good the onions made up for it because there was a nice raw onion spicy kick to it.

It is just as good as the salmon burger at MOS but the salmon texture is different, at MOS version is like slow cooked salmon and at McDonalds the texture is like a fried fish filet.

Salmon burger at MOS:

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