Saturday, January 16, 2016

A classy place for dinner at Osteria Felice

After going to the carnival, Osteria Felice was close by so went here for dinner.
Friendly waiters greeted me and the one who was responsible for our table was really nice and knew so much about cocktails.
They had a create your own Martini option where you tick a gin or vodka base and then match it with different options as shown on the sheet.

I chose dirty Vodka with pickled garlic which came out surprisingly well because it had a savoury smell that made you ready for dinner.
The strawberry cooler was also good because it had a natrual strawberry taste with a great fizz.

After the drinks we started on the dishes, there were so many of my favourites on the menu so we ended up ordering too much and we were quite full by dessert.

Started with roasted Heirloom cauliflower’s which were flown from Australia, they were pretty in white, green and rare purple garnished with capers.
The florets were crispy as described by the waiter with a nice salty flavour to it.

Then we had the classic Vitello Tonnato tuna mayo a well-known Italian cold dish of sliced veal covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce made with tuna.It was creamy and had a strong tuna taste with tender thin veal slices beneath it.

The crostini turned out to be a star because it had creamy burrata cheese and smoked sardines.
The sardines were different because it had a silky texture with a nice salty taste that paired wel;l with the cheese and crostini.

For pasta, there were two must eat items: Squid ink linguine Hokkaido sea urchin and parsley and Linguine with Sicilian red prawns cherry tomato.
I just love red prawns and the linguine was al dente while the squid ink linguine was infused with white wine and prosecco.

Our last main was the roast duckling with grappa-preserved cherry sauce, which was meaty and tender paired with a cherry sauce that was slightly bitter and sweet.

We finished dinner with Tiramisu and chocolate fondant with mozzarella gelato.
I loved the Tiramisu because the alcohol taste was prominent.

The chocolate fondant oozed with runny chocolate sauce.

Osteria Felice
G/F Hutchinson Building,

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