Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hong Kong McDonald's serves lilac coloured softserve

McDonalds Hong Kong has launched the purple potato softserve so went and tried it.

The McFlurry has meringue bits and the sundaes have purple potato syrup drizzled on it.

As I was mainly interested in the softserve and meringue I decided to get the McFlurry without the Oreo because the oreo doesn’t quite match purple potato and the taste is too sweet and overpowering.

The purple potato taste was pleasant and it is basically artificial fllavouring just like the ones they put in Taiwanese teas and it is similar to the typical flavours you get from Monins syrup.

They also serve purple rice soymilk which tastes more like purple potato so I suspect the flavouring is purple potato and not purple rice and it makes sense that it could be purple potato because they don't need to buy another flavour to launch a new product.

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