Friday, January 15, 2016

ProMini Power Station A4

I absolutely love this extension plug from Magic-Pro, HisTrend.HK because it has 4 USB ports.

These days I find myself charging many items all over the place which makes me disorganized by forgetting where they are.
The ProMini Power Station A4 is really useful because I can charge up to six items in one go all at the same spot!

It has passed safety tests as shown on the label.
Clear information in English with instruction manual with details of the voltage output.

In the box, there is an extra copper USB cable which comes in handy.

When the power station is plugged, there is a blue light on the side to indicate that it is on and there is a safety on/off switch on the left.

More information on ProMini Power Station A4:
Magic-Pro: HisTrend.HK:

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