Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fit for a modern Chinese Cinderella

I love Tang’s Cuisine because the food is delicious and it would be fit for a Chinese Cinderella to dine here with huge golden birdcages in the restaurant.

There is a nice modern twist to the food as well which makes it glamorous.
Every course was memorable but the starter and ending was fantastic because of the Western elements and it was my first time trying Nostoc.
We started off with a platter that had red wine cherry goose liver, Crystalline ice plant salad and Slow cooked salmon.

The cherry goose liver was velvety and fragrant complimented by the mouth watering red wine gel coating.

The Crystalline leaves are always a favourite of mine because I love that texture with all these studded droplets of fluid on the leaf that burst when you eat it.

The salmon was smooth and delicate.

Tang’s golden roasted pigeon:

The pigeons served here are only 20 days old which give it a delicate and tender texture.
During dinner, they will give out half a pigeon to each diner.
The pigeons are currently on promotion at $38 each.
Chinese soup:

A nutritious soup boiled with fish maw.

Sauna abalone steamed in wolf berry and chrysanthemum tea:

The abalone preparation was quite entertaining to watch because rose wine was poured on to the pebbles and set alight, and then wolf berry and chrysanthemum tea was poured over it and the lid put on to let it steam like a sauna resulting in abalone with a floral fragrant complimented by fine salt.

Sparkling stars (fish)

Basically this was fish done in three ways: fried, in light gravy and minced.
A fish lovers delight.

For vegetables we had this hollowed out wintermelon filled with prized Chinese fungas and crispy Chinese ham surrounded by pea sprout leaves.

The following dimsum are auspicious dishes for the New year with with a creative prawn dumpling which looks like a mandarin because the dumpling pastry is made with yuzu which makes it appetizing.

The Roast goose puff was elegant filled with shredded duck in rich gravy.

Steamed coconut with nostoc 葛仙米:

As you can see I was obsessed with the nostoc because it was the first time I saw it.
They are seaweed pearls which are pretty in different shades of green/brown.

There was so much nostoc in it.
The Nostoc was like these big crisp tapioca seeds swimming in sweet young coconut soup.

Healthy vegetable juice:

It was really nice how they ended the meal with two different fresh vegetable juices which help to digest and detox.
Tang's Cuisine 唐宮壹號
8/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai.

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