Friday, January 29, 2016

Bloggers 2016 gathering at HKECE’s Golden Bauhinia

As CNY is fast approaching, everyone is getting together for dinners before CNY.
We had a bloggers gathering at Golden Bauhinia with the people from HKCEC.

It was a fun rainy night and here were the dishes we had:

Started with a plate of appetizers of jellyfish in three ways, crispy roast suckling pig stuffed with prawn paste, fried fish and a plate of bittermelon in plum sauce arranged like flowers.

I love jellyfish so I was really happy it was done in three ways because there was quite a lot of it.
One was spicy, one had a refreshing vinegar dressing and the other was mixed in spring onion oil.
My favourite was the vinegar and spicy one.
The roast suckling pig was crispy with a layer of prawn paste on it that made it tasty.
The fried fish was also fantastic because it was boneless and crispy.

Next we had the morel mushroom, abalone and whelk soup which was a rich dark brown colour.
There were lots of morel mushrooms in it.

After the soup, we had my favourite dish which was duck’s feet, pomelo peel and fish maw in gravy.
I loved the fish maw and duck’s feet because it was gelatinous and flavoured by the rich gravy.
The pomelo peel was also good because it was mushy and soaked up in gravy.

We then had steamed fish that was steamed perfectly and the fish was delicate and flaky.

The chicken with crispy skin was served but I was quite full at that point but still ate it and the lovely crispy lotus roots..

For vegetables we had my favourite crisp pea sprouts in a light soup with wolfberries and razor clams.
The razor clams were the best I have tried because the texture was soft and it sweet.

To finish off the meal we had glutinous rice with fragrant preserved sausages, which was warming and filling.

For desserts there was sago and lotus paste pudding, egg crisps and steamed pear stuffed with a date.
I really liked the egg crisps and sago.

When we left, we were given a beautiful box of CNY puddings with Turnip cake with Parma Ham and dried shrimps and sweet red dates and osmanthus pudding.

Turnip cake with Parma Ham and dried shrimps:

Sweet red dates and osmanthus pudding:

Golden Bauhinia Cantonese Restaurant.
G/F Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai

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