Saturday, January 30, 2016

Curry night at Spices Island

On this road, there are so many choices for Indian food but with a fusion twist to cater for locals who don’t eat Indian food.

Went here because no one was dining there and the fact that Nepalese momos were on the menu and I LOVE INDIAN FOOD.

The best thing about this place is that there is no 10% service charge.

Here was what I had:


The soup was OK, just the usual vegetable soup found in Chinese restaurants.
Mutter paneer:

This was the best mutter paneer I have had because the spiciness was just right and there were lots of peas in it and the paneer was nice and soft without that rubbery texture.
Saffron rice:

Ordered this because I only eat Basmati rice, which is long, thin fluffy grains of rice.

A soft naan that was great with the curry.
Chicken Momo:

As well as curries, Nepalese momos are delicious. I got hooked on them when I tried them at Nepalese joints on the HK side.

The sauce is the most important because it really makes it delicious since it has a short fiery kick as well as a really flavourful taste.
Indian Tea:

It tasted like Hong Kong style milk tea with Cardamom in it.
Spices island:
Shop 6, G/F, Po Fat Building, 
273-285 Temple Street, Jordan
Tel: 2365 5539

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