Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Beautiful fine dining at Le Rêve

After reading a glowing review on this place by FoodMeUpScotty, I knew this place was going to be good because he dines at the best places.

There is a eight course set menu and the one I had was A harmony of earth and sea.

Started with warm crusty bread rolls which were inside this brown bag on top a huge dried brown leaf.

The first course was EVOLUTION which was scallop tartar with radish, pears and Japanese ginger with a slice of beetroot on top.

A refreshing sweet and cool start to dinner.

It was then followed by tomato soup which was actually tomato essence. I loved that concentrated tomato taste.

Next came SAISON which was presented like a beautifiul painting.

It was Saury fish with tofu sauce, aubergine puree and my favourite couscous.

The elements blended well nicely and the bitterness of the herb helped cut through the strong flavours.

The third course was TRADITION.

It was Kimedai, I absolutely adore this fish and it was nice that the sauce wasn't too overpowering so I could taste the lovely fish with the spring onions and ginger.
I even drank the bit at the bottom because it had a brilliant infusion of the fish and spring onions.

Moving on to a slightly heavier course, it was CONNEXION which was lobster and spelt wheat.
The lobster was springy and the spelt which had a nice mouthfeel was in this creamy sauce.

Moving on to the EARTH element of this dinner, SAUVAGE was next.
An evenly marbled fat Satsuma beef from Kagoshima served with salt, wasabi cream, black pepper and sauce.
The beef was nice on its own and personally I think just adding salt brings out the best taste of beef.

Before we had desserts, RAFRAICHISSANTE was served.
It was a very sweet refreshing sorbet with sweet peeled grapes on top.

It was then followed by POUSSE, a fluffy white chocolate mousse with olive oil which you mix into it.
An interesting dessert.

The last course PAIX was petit fours which were a perfect ending with tea of coffee.

In addition we also had this CREME BRULEE mocktail which was so addictive with mini grilled marshmallows on the side.

Can't wait to come again when they have a new menu.


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