Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The right place for me

At the beginning I thought this was just an ordinary bar serving food because the menu just looked like the standard ones you find in every bar.

We ordered drinks first which really surprised us by its presentation.

Dr Healthy (a mocktail) was served with a side of salad that you can eat.

Fantasy place ( a mocktail) was served in a dimsum basket with grapes decorated with blueberries and a halved passionfruit topped with preserved plums.
Adding the preserved plums gives the drink a slight bitter and tart taste.

For cocktails, we had "My cup of tea" which was served with tea leaves and a tea pot.
It had a lovely infusion of elderflower and gin.

Foodwise, we had 65 deg C sous vide grilled chicken wings with garlic and chili because nearly every table ordered it.

They tasted like typhoon shelter chicken wings with a good degree of spiciness.

Next were the Sake US Manilla clams with chili and garlic.

The taste was amazing because the chili was really aromatic and there was hint of butter in it without being too heavy. There is a piece of garlic bread to soak up the sauce but I ended up drinking it because it was so nice.

Last but not least, the octopus with baby spinach salad tossed with pommery honey mustard dressing was really appetizing because the sauce was sweet and moreish.

While I was dining there, I enjoyed what they were showing on TV because it was artistic and about designers and fashion which is more entertaining than other stuff in my opinion.

To summarize, I like the way they serve healthy food and drinks with a touch of Modern and Chinese to it.


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