Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Saravanaa Bhavan debuts in Hong Kong

Saravanaa Bhavan is famous in the UK so I was elated to learn that they are in Hong Kong.

Definitely highly recommended because this is the stuff you get in UK.

Saravanaa Bhavan is vegetarian so it is now competing with Branto, Woodlands, and Khana Khazana.

To be honest I haven't really tried the others but I remember vaguely dining at Khana Khazana's WanChai branch.

Anyway, I was really looking forward to dinner here and it definitely didn't disappoint because it is just as good as the one in UK.

I had an extremely difficult decision choosing the dishes because there were so many choices for dosa and uthappam.

Luckily the rice pudding dessert was not available that night because I am going to go again soon with my brother so we can compare it with the Tooting branch.

Here were the dishes that we had:
Cheese dosa:

I chose this because it contained grated cheddar cheese!
Basically it was crispy filled with delicious melted cheese and you can think of it as an Indian crepe!
As well as cheese they had other fillings and the rava dosa is also good so you can see how difficult it was choosing a dosa!
Idly Vada:
I have never tried this before so I got the Idly Vada so that I could try both the Idly and Vada.
Idly is Steamed rice and lentil patty patty and it is like a steamed rice cake but savoury and damn delicious!
Vada is a fried lentil donut which I tried the first time and it was so fxxing good!
Strangely it tasted like a light fluffy potato donut.

Tomato uthappam:
uthappam is a Rice and lentil pancake and again there were so many damn delicious choices to choose from so I have to dine here again!
Every damn combination they had is going to be damn delicious such as onions and peas, tomato and peas etc.
The tomato pancake was how I imagined it to be, crispy and fluffy with bits of tasty tomato.

bagalabath is kurd rice which is yoghurt and rice.
Previously tried this before at some restaurant in Central but they don't always serve it.
The bagalabath here is so creamy and it is like a runny rice pudding with lovely bits of ginger and chili in it.
I had to be careful of the bits of chili though because it was too spicy for me.

To summarize, I enjoyed this meal because the items I chose were starchy and tasted like potatoes and I love anything that tastes like potato!



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