Saturday, October 29, 2016

Don't be dull, be colourful, go to Djapa

People who know me will know that I love anything that is colourful and sparkling.
Takashi Murakami's The dream lion caught my attention and I was mesmerized by that and everything else because it was so colourful.
The stairs going up were so artsy fartsy.

On the upper floor, there is a giant polka-dot pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama.

Other striking pieces:

On the table, the glasses were beautiful and I loved the colourful circles on the bar tables over looking Lee Tung Avenue.

Scanning the menu, it was Nipo-Brasileiro (Japanese-Brazilian) which I am so cool with especially the Brazilian influence.
Started with drinks which were both a nice surprise.
The cocktail choices were all captivating with the use of lots of fruit.
My friend had the DJAPA refresher which had the most outstanding presentation, but from the menu the other drinks like blushing geisha, princess mononoke would be more captivating because of the name but if there was a picture, people would probably go for the DJAPA refresher.
But anyway, people will look at IG these days to check things out.

When you take the straw, the G string will fall on the table.
I had a non alcoholic drink called the Brazilian paradise which was served in an elegant chalice and I put the G string in front so you can see what it looks like.

For food, here was what we had.
Started with a juicy pineapple cabbage which was finely shredded cabbage mixed with pineapple.
It was very refreshing and there was a strong fiery ginger taste to it.

Then we had the salmon mikan which was a bit like carpaccio paired with mandarin pieces and yuzu.

The turbot yuzu was a tangy ceviche with a crisp crunch of mountain yam pieces.

Next was the not so raw Hokkaido scallops paired with crisp tart apples.

The highlight of the night was the bobo.
It was delicious puree with juicy bits of pineapple contained in a squash.
I would be happy just eating the stuff in the middle with rice as a vegetarian dish without the prawns.

The sun tanned crabs were fun too which deserve a few photos!!! 

These tiny morsels have visible crab roe in them!!

For carbs, we had the seafood rice and coconut rice.
I liked both because I like carbs, the seafood rice with whitebait and nori was tasty and the coconut rice is a bit different to the coconut rice you get in HK because it doesn't take milky or sweet but it has a toasted coconut flavour to it.

The meat lovers had skewers.

For dessert we had chocolates which were rich and the filling was so silky that it melts in your mouth.

The sago pearls were huge and chewy, but the taste was nice.

To summarize, the environment and food were in harmony and nothing was out of place.
I hope they will keep the standards because I am going to go there for lunch again and check it out!

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