Saturday, October 01, 2016

Conrad curry buffet at the Lobby Lounge

Tried the afternoon tea buffet in 2010 but I wasn't impressed with the service because the staff were stuck up with people who don't have a platinum card as reviewed on openrice.
Anyway, my aunt took me here for my mums birthday and was surprised that as a blogger I didn't know about their curry buffet but then no one has really written about it on openrice so I won't even bother to write about the curry even though I always comment there.
The curry buffet secret is safe here because Hong Kongers don't really appreciate a good Indian authentic curry.

The staff were still a bit stuck up like before but my aunt said they were part of the Hilton group but sorry I don't know you guys.

Anyway, the curry was bloody good especially the South Indian dosa and coconut chutney which I had twice.
The guy who made the dosas was quite intimidating and he didn't seem to give a sxxt when you complimented his dosas.
It was strange because when he gave me mine it was cut in half but the one my brother got wasn't sliced.

It is really good that there is another option for curry buffet as well as Dickens.

Our lunch ended with a delicious rhubarb crumble which was found in the dessert section but they didn't have custard.

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