Thursday, October 13, 2016

The famous joint for Rice rolls

I visited Superior Steamed Rice Roll Pro Shop in 2011 and felt that it had potential because the rice rolls were fantastic.
Shortly afterwards they were recommended by Michelin.

Recently went back for the ricerolls because I was craving for them.

I had four different rolls and the plain one with spring onions and dried shrimps were the best.
The quality of the rice roll sheets were still elastic, thin and translucent which is good but the ones filled with meat were disappointing because the duck wasn't fresh and the liver was too rubbery.
I consider myself lucky when the meat is fresh in Chinese restaurants but the people here can't seem to taste that it is not fresh.
As I always say, it is so sad that you have to go to expensive restaurants for fresh food because having fresh food is such a basic requirement.

Superior Steamed Rice Roll Pro Shop:
Address: G/F, 384 Portland St, Prince Edward
Phone: 2380 7790

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