Friday, March 03, 2017

The best quiche in Hong Kong

I used to be in Laichikok all the time, in those days there were hardly any Western restaurants and D2 didn't exist.
All that has changed and I discovered this place because there was a cat and I love cats.
(previously this place used to be Egg tart king.)

When I went in I was wowed by the huge croissant and Cantonese Pineapple bun model.

What impressed me more was that they had quiches in a seemingly Chinese bakery.

This bakery was quite famous last year for their mooncakes which came in a Vintage yet funky packaging but at that time I didn't know it was this bakery.
I got a good mix of Western and Cantonese bakery to try.
Broccoli quiche:

When I saw this, I knew it was going to be good. In fact this is the best in Hong Kong in terms of size and price.
This is the size you would get in the UK and the pastry was done just right because it was not sweet or made into a quiche tartlet which is just not a real quiche.
There were generous chunks of broccoli that were not too soft or hard and the egg filling was really tasty and you could taste the broccoli infused into it.
It was so comforting to get a good quiche that tastes like home made quiches without being too salty or sweet.
pain du chocolat:

The pain du chocolat is another European favourite and it would taste great warm when the chocolate is soft.
It had a lovely buttery aroma and the chocolate wasn't too sweet.
Cheese balls:

The puffs are basically Japanese pontikeges which are sold in the morning and normally sold out by the afternoon.
Purple potato balls:

Another treat that blew me away because it was real purple potato mash in the middle encased in this delicious flakey pastry. Again it was not too sweet.
Chocolate bun:

The buns are basically filled Mexican buns and the chocolate one is jazzed up by the coffee powder on top with chocolate filling in the middle. On a hot day, you can expect the filling to be runny.
Custard bun:

I was so glad I got this because their custard filling is so moist and fluffy without being two sweet which makes up for the mooncakes which I didn't know about last year.
Overall, a great bakery with a good Western and Cantonese choice that is not too sweet.
The quiche is a must get at $20 a slice, where can you beat that!
I am going to be back for quiche and this coconut pandan croissant that I spotted on IG!~


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