Wednesday, March 01, 2017

[CheckCheckCin] Healthy and stylish drinks

In Hong Kong I rarely get too many choices for drinks that I can't decide but here I found it hard to pick a drink because there were four I wanted to try which is a good sign.

They specialize in Traditional Chinese herbal medicine where they have turned them into healthy and delicious drinks with a young twist from the packaging to the store outlook with cute pastel colours.

They even had yoghurt drinks made with real yoghurt, not the weird tasting Calpis or Yakult which is laced with sugar.

Anyway, I decided to go for the Nourishing Raspberry almond milk which was a surprisingly wonderful combination.

I had it hot (served warm), any hotter than and that I don't think it would taste nice.
To my amazement it had real raspberries in it, not sure if they were fresh or frozen but at least they were not the dehydrated ones.
There should be more raspberries in the picture but it tasted so good I drank half of it before I took pictures.

Not to mention the benefits for health, I loved the taste because it was so natural especially the raspberry and you could taste hints of almond as well without being too milky.
Normally milk doesn't mix with sour berries but in this case almond milk does.
The beauty is that this drink tastes good hot or cold so it depends on what mood you're in.

I was back again for the banana yoghurt rice water, secret rice water, detox fig leaves tea with dried longan and warming apple cinnamon oolong tea which I purchased at different visits when I was in Sheungwan.

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