Saturday, March 11, 2017

[2017] Eggsentially Art at Lee Gardens

Eggettes, Egglettes, Eggpuffs, EggWaffles these are all the same thing.
A waffle with connected semi spheres that is a popular street snack in Hong Kong that costs around $18-$50.

At Lee Gardens, they have held an eggette fair with many popular eggette stalls in one place.

Most of the eggettes cost $30 each which makes it easy when buying cash tokens as they comes in bases of $30.

There is a list of stalls with the eggettes they are offering.
There were some interesting flavours such as Takoyaki style from Fullhouse Egglet and Chocolate avocado from Mammy Pancake.

In the end I got eggettes from Eggspectation because I love their eggettes.
All their eggettes are made from duck eggs which was the traditional recipe back in the 1950s.
I tried the pork floss and seaweed which was really delicious because it was not too sweet and the pork floss tasted surprisingly good in the eggette.

I also tried the Lof10 style eggette which was topped with crispy parma ham.

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