Friday, March 03, 2017

Indeed a miracle phone EVERMIRACLE S

I only write about gadgets when they are worth bragging out.
Recently my mobile phone died so I had to get a new one asap, so I got a Samsung J1 Mini thinking it would be good but it was slow and the battery goes fast.
In desperation I got another phone which turned out to be a miracle just like its name EVERMIRACLE S.
Before I got it, I googled this phone but all I got was French and Arabic because the makers EVERTEK are located in Tunisia.
Anyway, I decided to risk getting it and it turned out to be so good I found myself wanting to get another one for backup but sadly I had bought the last one :(

The phone specifications were clearly labelled on the factory screen protector which I have stuck to the blue back cover.

Without being wowed by the functions of the phone, I was already impressed with the contents in the box.

Back covers in three different colours and a clear hard cover protector:
Screen protector and contents in the box:

I have never bought a phone with all these included.
These are often slipped in free of charge if the dealer is nice.

Anyway, now to the phone.

Here were the functions which I thought were cool!!!
As I am not a professional tech review, I am just pointing out what I feel is cool so to be honest, I don't know if these features are part of android 5.0 or they are part of the functions from EVERTEK.
Fake call:
If you press the fake call button, it will countdown from 15 seconds and you can stop it within the 15 seconds, when it reaches zero, the phone will ring as if someone called you with a withheld number and you answer it like normal.
The funny thing is that if you do answer the answer the call, it will play a female voice in English saying "hi, can you send me the file as possible please!!"
It was a bit difficult filming from my other phone so you can only vaguely hear the voice.
(Hopefully I will explore that sometime by setting the language to French and see if it will speak French on the fake call.)
I am curious to know if there is a database of pre recorded languages so it will speak the relevant language according to the language setting on your phone.
Timer for face masks and boiling and egg:
Scheduled power on/off:
Reasonable macro focus:
Record conservations when there is a incoming call by pressing record before you pick up:
Face lock option:
I haven't tried this yet because I don't want to risk locking up my phone permanently.
Included cache cleaner:

Eco mode:
(not quite sure what this is, but I hope it can help block spams on some applications.)

Other lovely features are pre-installed Facebook and messenger, app to that reads office docs and a reasonable battery endurance which last for a day.

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