Friday, March 17, 2017

Saga beef buffet at Mr. Steak Buffet à la minute

When Mr Steak was at Paterson Street, I used to go there frequently.

It was quite good back then offering lots of beef options before the whole of HK got their hands on all sorts of beef.

There were oysters and a good choice of seafood but all these are basics of a buffet these days because lobsters and seafood are offered almost everywhere.

It started to deteriorate when more tables were added to the point they were almost touching each other so I haven’t been back since.

Now they have moved to the WTC, I decided to go again and see if it has changed.

The buffet area is evidently bigger offering lobsters and crabs.

They are currently serving SAGA BEEF and freshly grilled seafood.

According to the SAGA website, Saga beef is esteemed as one of the best Wagyu beef brands in Japan.

The cattle used for our meats are fattened in adherence to the regulations of the Japan Agriculture Co-operative, and we use only Japanese black cattle registered with their cattle traceability system. Japan Meat Grading Association rates is a 4 or above for meat quality and has a BMS of 7 or above, and their Saga-Wagyu beef is rated between 2 and 4 for meat quality and has a BMS of 6 or below.

There were other items such as Chinese soups, drinks bars, spinning salad bowl bar so it was quite good.

What I had:

Every night people can have their messages written on plates and surprise their friends/family etc.

Customer service was quite good that night because they collected used plates and gave you new napkins regularly and even offered to help you take photos.
Mr. Steak Buffet à la minute:
World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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