Sunday, March 12, 2017

[Sharmaji] Indian vegetarian gem

I discovered this restaurant because I was in the area and I had to make a special trip here because the location is not exactly convenient.
I got the MTR to Homantin station thinking it was close but I was wrong.
Whampoa might be a better stop but you still have to walk.

At Sharmaji, they serve North and South Indian vegetarian food at affordable prices.

There were so many things I wanted to eat but in the end I went for the Noodles, Vegetable cutlet, Palak tikki and Pau bazi.

The vegetable cutlet and palak tikki were good but a bit too dry for my liking but it was good you can order by piece to try them out.

The Pau Bazi was buns with some curry and dips to complement it. It didn't look spicy but it was extremely spicy and you can taste more spices in this than other restaurants.

The fried noodles were a bit too soft but again super spicy.
Other dishes that I hope to try on my next visit if I am in the area.

 The bill amounted to HK$123 so it wasn't that expensive.

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