Friday, March 10, 2017

The best Temaki Sushi hand rolls

As I was in Tuen Mun for a photoshoot, I got some recommendations for food.
My friend recommended me this Temaki Sushi hand roll joint at Waldorf Shopping arcade.

I didn't have any expectations because hand rolls are just cold clumped sushi rice and the only exciting part is the first few bites because all the ingredients are on the top.
Secondly I find it messy eating hand rolls because the toppings and rice go everywhere after taking a bite.

Anyway, after the photo shoot I decided to check it out as I was really hungry and could do with some carbs.

It was a small joint beneath the busy mall yet they had so many hand rolls to choose from that it was hard for me to decide, so in the end I picked the hot items.
The interesting thing was that I saw a grandpa eating a roll so it must be good because elderly Chinese do not usually eat sushi as they consider it rather modern.

[grilled flounder fish hand roll]
Began with the flame grilled flounder fish which was a good start because the rice was at room temperature and it wasn't clumped together but loosely held together yet firm.

It was wrapped in paper so it was easy to eat AND I did not make a mess and the fish didn't drop out, the seaweed was fresh and crisp that it lets you get a clean bite without needing to tug it.
The fish itself was fresh and the oils infused with the rice nicely that I didn't need any seasoning.


Next I had the cheesy roll with a prawn cutlet in the middle.
It was topped with egg and cheesy sauce.

Normally I am not keen on Japanese egg because it is sweet but when you take a bite of this, all the flavours are fantastic because the sauce is tangy and then you get the warm crispy prawn in the middle and then you have the egg and cheese.

The best thing is that the frying oil was fresh so it didn't kill the roll.
The next roll I had was the hand roll with uni, scallops and salmon roe, basically all my wishes in one as if I was eating a hand rolled donburi!!!

Again, all the ingredients were fresh especially my favourite popping salmon roe and in the middle it was not just solid rice, there was salmon in the middle.

As I was still hungry, I decided to get the fried soft shell crab with crab paste hand roll because the fried soft shell crab is guaranteed to be good judging by the fried prawn I had earlier since their frying oil is fresh.
When it came, you could see the how vibrant the crab was, it was bright orange and you can see the claws clearly because the coating of flour is thin.

I just loved every bite of this because the crab paste was so fresh and not fishy and the soft shell crab was light and crispy.
I am definitely coming back when the MTR is half fare again.

ROLLED SUSHI 板卷:板卷-144959515958436

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