Tuesday, June 13, 2017

choo choo Masala train express

As an Indian food lover, this has been on my list to try when I heard about it.They serve curry, rolls and a good variety of vegetarian and sugar free desserts.

There was a vegetarian roll I had to try and this is the only place that serves it.
To my knowledge not many places serve Bhurji and this one is completely vegetarian while the one in Central serves egg bhurji.
I had the paneer bhurji roll which is basically filled with cottage cheese in aromatic spices and the texture is like scrambled eggs.

You will also find bits of red and green bell peppers as well.

I wish they had paneer bhurji rice because that would be more filling.
Anyway, my friend had the chicken biryani box.

For dessert I had the rice pudding which was really dreamy and I loved the texture as it was fluffy loaded with some nuts and dates.
I liked the way it was not cloyingly sweet as compared to other Indian desserts and it is sugar free sweetened with dates which makes it super healthy.

MASALA TRAIN: 146 Lockhart Rod, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

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